Alot of people ask, “What happens in an investigation?”, so we decided to post a basic rundown of what happens in an investigation here on our website for people to read.

What happens in an investigation starts as soon as a request for an investigation is received from a perspective Client.

Once a request for investigation is received, one of DUST’s Senior Team Members will be in contact with the Client within 48 hours, (usually a lot quicker, but all DUST Members do have full time jobs and may not be able to respond instantly). If the case involves children, or Clients that have been forced out of their homes by the activity, DUST will flag the case as urgent, and get things rolling as quickly as possible.

The initial contact with a Client generally involves DUST asking the Client for information about their situation, asking other relevant questions, and trying to establish some mutual time frames that can be taken to the DUST Members to schedule an investigation. The Senior Member will also give the Client a contact number to contact DUST on, should the need arise.

On the day of the investigation, DUST Members will arrive, generally a few hours before nightfall, so everyone can meet the Client, gather any further information from the Client, be given a guided tour of the location by the Client, and setup the relevant equipment for the investigation.

Once all the equipment has been setup, DUST Members will then wait for the appropriate time to start the investigation.

The Client is more than welcome to wait with the DUST Members while the investigation is carried out. Alternatively, the Client can leave the DUST Members to carry out the investigation. Once the investigation is completed, one of the DUST Members will contact the Client, so they can return to the site. The choice is completely up to the Client. We generally like to encourage our Client’s to remain with us at the investigation, and be part of the investigation. We completely understand if they do not want to participate though.

Investigation time lengths can vary, depending on the level of activity experienced at the time. If there is little activity, the investigation will be shorter, if there is alot of activity, the investigation will be longer. Unfortunately, we cant give an exact time frame, as each case is different, and takes different amounts of time.

During the investigation, DUST Members will attempt to capture proof of the paranormal with all of the equipment. DUST Members will also look for “natural” explanations for the Client’s claims and try to debunk.

Once the Senior DUST Member on site at the investigation calls the investigation to conclusion, the DUST Members on site will then pack up all of the equipment used.

Over the next three to four weeks (generally), after the investigation, DUST Members will review all of the captured data from the investigation, dig into the site history (if needed), and gather any evidence that comes to light.

Once all the data is reviewed, all evidence is gathered, debunking findings are documented, etc, DUST will write up a comprehensive report of the investigation, including what happened during the investigation, personal experiences, debunking, actual evidence captured, etc. DUST will also burn a CD or DVD for the Client with all of this information, and copies of any evidence captured.

Once this is all completed, one of the Senior DUST Members will be in contact with the Client to arrange a meeting to go through the evidence captured, and the report. DUST Members will meet with the Client face to face to go through this. Before departing this meeting, one of the DUST Members that is at the meeting will make sure the Client has a contact number for DUST, just in case the Client has any further questions or needs further help.

That was a very basic run down of what happens during an investigation.

If you have any questions about this, or need further clarification, etc, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will be more than happy to help.

Thank you,

Down Under Spirit Team