DUST conduct three types of investigations.

They are as follows:

Technical Investigation:

A technical invesitgation is where we utilise our technical equipment to try to capture and document the paranormal activity at the location. During the course of the technical investigation, we will also try to debunk any claims made, and try to find natural, logical explanations for them. Any evidence captured is also treated in this fashion where we try to debunk it before presenting it to our Client. Any evidence we can not debunk is presented to our Client as possible evidence. All Clients that we conduct a technical investigation for receive a comprehensive report, as well as copies of any evidence captured during the investigation that we were not able to debunk. All DUST Members attend Technical Investigations.

Psychic Investigation:

Psychic investigations are where only our Members that have a psychic, medium or sensitive ability attend. We try to make communication with any entities that we may encounter. If they are Earthbound entities, we will try to communicate with them, try to understand why they are still here, attempt to help them resolve that issue (if we can), and help them cross over / move on. Any negative or demonic entities we encounter we ask higher beings to drag them away, kicking and screaming, and turn them into white light. We clear the location, fill it with white light, and also raise the vibrations around the location.

Combination Investigation:

A combination investigation is where we conduct both of the above mentioned investigations on the same night. We carry out the technical investigation first. Once the technical investigation is complete, we then conduct the psychic investigation. All DUST Members attend combination investigations.

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