Down Under Spirit Team (DUST) was established in September 2012 by it’s founder, who is incredibly interested in the paranormal. DUST’s founder has had many experiences of his own in the past, and has had a fascination of the paranormal for over 20 years now.

DUST is based in South East Queensland, but looks to conduct investigations all over Australia to start, and down the track, around the world.

DUST does not charge for investigations.

DUST was formed with two clear objectives in mind, to investigate the paranormal, and to help people that are troubled by paranormal happenings.

DUST will investigate any location necessary, businesses (private or public), private households, tourism locations, etc, etc.

DUST will look to try and debunk any claims, or evidence found, (For example, DUST will look for common / native reasons for any evidence found, before looking to the paranormal).

DUST are here to help you! DUST believes that communication is paramount, and will always keep in contact with you before, during and after investigations. Once an investigation has been conducted, DUST will analyse the data to find any evidence. Once evidence is found, DUST will look for common reasons that can produce said evidence. If DUST are not sure about any evidence, DUST will always work on the principle, “if in doubt, throw it out”. Once all the data is analysed, DUST will meet with you to go over any outstanding evidence. DUST will also give you a printed report on the investigation, as well as a CD / DVD with both the report, and any evidence captured.

DUST will fully respect your privacy, and will not reveal your identity, nor location of the investigation. DUST do reserve the right to use any captured evidence as they see fit, but will make sure to keep details of locations and identities completely private.

DUST understands that alot of people are not aware of what a paranormal investigation actually is, or what groups, such as DUST, actually do. Basically groups like DUST investigate claims of the paranormal in businesses, homes, public places, historical places, etc. Groups like DUST use specific equipment to try and capture evidence of the paranormal. Equipment such as, CCTV Video Camera Systems, Digital Video Cameras, Digital Still Cameras, some groups are lucky enough to have Thermal Cameras, Digital Voice Recorders, etc. Groups also use other types of detection equipment such as EMF Detectors, KII Meters, Static Detectors, MAL Meters, Geophones, Shadow Detectors, Trigger Props, and much, much more. For more information on what happens in an investigation, click here.

If you would like more general information, please feel free to contact us.

If you feel you have a haunting, and would like our help, please feel free to contact us.